The SAP expert for all your projects

Are you a large company looking to upgrade your SAP to the latest version, SAP S/4HANA? Are you an SME looking to centralize and improve your business management? CODiLOG, with its 25 years of experience in installing SAP systems in organizations of all kinds, and consultants with expertise in this market-leading ERP system, will support you every step of the way.
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CODiLOG, an expert in SAP

CODiLOG is an SAP integrator… With 25 years of expertise in this ERP, our teams support all organizations in their SAP projects: SAP implementation, migration to S/4HANA, technical expertise needs and third-party application maintenance operations for the maintenance, administration and upgrade of the SAP application through integration of the latest innovations. A full suite of solutions, which can be adjusted to your needs in order to put the ideal SAP environment in place.

You can choose!

You have SAP

Do you want to optimize your current version of SAP? To be able to use the full potential of this powerful ERP? SAP customers use only 20% of its functionality; we enable you to use up to 80% of its capabilities!
  • Are you looking to maintain and upgrade your SAP solution?
  • Is your organization evolving; do you have mergers, carve-outs, splits or chart of accounts migrations to manage?
  • Are you in need of guidance in mapping out your pathway to S/4HANA?

You don’t have SAP

Would you like to have a centralized view of your operations? To optimize your performance, your costs, or your global business management?
  • Why install an SAP solution?
  • Looking to move to a cloud-based ERP?
  • Want an integrated tool to manage all of your processes and workflows?