Transforming your business in SAP

Choose a partner who implements all your business transformations in SAP
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Ever‍-‍changing businesses: how can my SAP application keep up?

Once you’ve implemented SAP in your company, be ready to take it to the next level. In a context of digital transformation and accelerating business globalization, companies must respond, in a shortened timeframe, to business transformation requirements such as:

  • a version of SAP that doesn’t meet all of your needs and a level of usability that’s no longer adequate.
  • your organization that has acquired a business or is spinning off a business
  • your organization which is introducing a new chart of accounts, new currencies, etc.
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CODiLOG: a long‍-‍term partner, offering innovative solutions for your transformation

We have been supporting our clients for 25 years, collaborating on a range of transformation topics including:

  • Support upgrade/enhancement package
  •  S/4 HANA conversion (brownfield)
  • Implementation of SAP S/4 (greenfield)
  • Change of structure (from profit centers to business areas, company mergers, chart of accounts changes, etc.)
  • Carve‍-‍out

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