isiPack: how does CODiLOG encourage innovation with a dedicated service for the manufacturing industry?

Smarter, more resilient SAP services for manufacturing, driven by digitalization and data

SAP solutions in line with your expectations

For organizations wanting to keep a competitive edge, changes in the industry are simply challenges to be overcome, by optimizing their production, integrating the best technologies and strengthening their customer relations.

CODiLOG supports you in your transition towards a “smarter” world, driven by the digitalization of value chains, increased standardization of processes and continuous innovation.

With a systematic ethos: to support your ambitions and protect your interests.

Manufacturing has found its ERP

CODiLOG allows you to achieve your growth and internal optimization objectives, by:

  • Participating fully in Industry 4.0, through the implementation of new processes,
  • Achieving the right level of digitalization by using iOT and data structuring in the cloud,

  • Optimizing your supply chain (procurement, production, customer and supplier relations),

  • Streamlining customer service and after-sales through Field Service Management,

  • Improving product quality and compliance.

Easier management for SMEs in the manufacturing industry


Digitalization facilitated

by the convergence of technologies Industry 4.0, IoT, Edge computing, Cloud, virtualization, data management, etc.

Optimized project-based production

Our adapted ERP allows you to better allocate resources

Enhanced agility

Process and organizational optimization allows you to adjust your scenarios and be proactive in the day-to-day

Reduced implementation time

CODiLOG allows you to integrate your new ERP in a few months thanks to Best Practices

Control of all stages of your SAP project life cycle

A single contact point manages the entire project: integration, hosting, change management and training, support and maintenance

A calmer customer relationship

After-sales service and incident management are improved, giving all the information resources to the technicians on site to deliver the best possible service

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