SAP offers two exchange platforms: On-Premise and On-Cloud


The scope of your IS consists of many different systems. It is therefore necessary to centralize the exchange of information on a single platform, equipped with all the technology needed to guarantee any exchange of data between the various systems.


SAP BTP is an On-Cloud platform designed for all business scenarios.

It consists of multiple services, both infrastructure and application or business. Among these components there are two exchange platforms:

  • SAP Cloud Plateform Integration Suite (OnCloud) : SAP Cloud Integration (Interfaces / Workflow), SAP Open Connectors, SAP API Management, Cloud Connector (SDWAN)


  • SAP PO > SAP Process Orchestration
    AEX + BPM + BRM : SAP PI > SAP Process Integration, AEX > Advanced adapter Engine eXtended (Interfaces), BPM > Business Process Management (Workflow), BRM > Business Rules Management (Decision)
"The SAP PO platform now ensures long-awaited compatibility with SAP HANA and provides SAP BPM and SAP BRM tools to leverage all aspects of orchestration."

Virginie Trojman, IT Director at ELIS

Our services

Our range of services around SAP PO/CPI

  • Deployment of SAP PI/SAP PO
    Initial implementation of flows, support in the use of the solution, definition of operating procedures
  • Implementation of SAP PI, SAP PO interfaces
    Implementation of flows in an existing context, following the operating guidelines in place
  • Migration to SAP PO
    Switch from an old XI/PI/PO version to the latest version of SAP PO
  • SAP PI, SAP PO, SCPI audits
    Monitoring of the application of Best Practices, based on SAP knowledge and enhanced by our experience.
  • Challenge missions
    On a short fixed period, unblock a critical situation related to SAP PI, SAP PO and SCPI systems.
  • SAP PI, SAP PO, SCPI training
    We provide training on behalf of SAP (our consultants are SAP trainers, providing 10 to 15 training sessions per year) and we provide customized training for CODiLOG customers.
  • SAP PI PO SCPI deployment or migration projects
    Dedicated project teams for topics including: implementation of flows, support for the use of the solution, definition of operating procedures, switch from an old XI/PI/PO version to the latest version of SAP PO, implementation of SCPI flows, etc.
  • Nearshore TPAM via our specialized SAP PI PO SCPI Service Center in Normandy
    Ticketing, monitoring, N3 expertise, consulting, ABAP Catalog, Industrialization via CODiLOG’s “Proxima” global TPAM service

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